Continuous Authorization

Unlike traditional static assessments, XRAMP, through continuous assurance and consolidated audit, ensures ongoing monitoring and evaluation of security controls over the life of the authorization cycle. This assessment process allows organizations to normalize audit cycles in a distributed manner, scale multiple regulatory frameworks at one time, while saving internal resourcing and potentially increasing security assurance.


The industry has been craving progress in terms of continuous assurance. The scale at which regulations are expanding for cloud service providers and the evolving risk landscape requires a new way of doing business. XRAMP addresses the existing audit challenges with the desired state impacts below.

XRAMP Roadmap

Fortreum has tested XRAMP for well over a year. This continuous testing framework is hyper-focused on streamlining regulatory auditing over a period of time – eliminating the peaks and valleys.

Once we’ve identified the regulatory compliance frameworks in question, we look to align existing and future authorization dates. Fortreum will work with your key stakeholders to understand each framework and create an audit schedule that aligns to the regulation (for example, FedRAMP). The idea is to consolidate authorization dates where possible. In cases where existing authorization dates exist, we’ll look to develop a multi-year strategy to better align your authorization dates for continuous assessment over time.

Michael Carter

President, Co-founder

XRAMP introduces a fresh perspective on your compliance assessments. Gone are the days where we have to perform a large assessment in the span of several months. Instead, we distribute the assessment gradually over the course of the year. This approach is combined with other compliance frameworks that share similar requests for evidence. As a result, we’ve standardized our clients’ compliance programs and overall data collection. This minimizes the evidence demands from our side, while enabling clients to submit evidence once to fulfill multiple frameworks they must comply with. Additionally, clients gain visibility into the testing schedule, enhancing their ability to accommodate their team members’ availability. Lastly, billing is evenly spread over the duration to alleviate strain on cash flow. Altogether, it’s an adaptable assessment strategy that benefits all parties involved.

Select your Framework and Services

XRAMP starts with selecting your regulatory compliance frameworks. Understanding your authorization timelines and how to best align your multi-year strategy for normalizing audits is key to XRAMP. Whether you have a green field roadmap or mature authorization cycle, we will work with you to ensure the best authorization cycle alignment. Then select your technical testing needs, to ensure system resiliency whether it’s through penetration testing (offensive/compliance) and/or Continuous Monitoring services.

Additionally, our Technology White Papers (Compliance Product Guides) provide your sales and marketing team business velocity while engaging with your potential customer base.

Validate Complexity Tier

One size doesn’t fit all. Fortreum will work with the system provider stakeholders to better understand the complexity of the system offerings through scoping questionnaires and limited discussions to ensure the right level of effort is assigned to the existing system profile.

We validate system complexities across low, moderate, high and enterprise system scenarios. This approach ensures the right level of effort and team construct is applied for best-in-class service.

Continuous Assurance

XRAMP is what the industry has been asking for. Let’s normalize the turbulent audit cycles into a more predictable work stream and validation cycle. This will allow cloud service providers to integrate multiple frameworks into a normalized work stream that reduces internal resource time (minimizing redundant artifact requests) and ultimately should increase security assurance for its downstream customers.

If you want to learn more about XRAMP and how it can transform your organization – reach out below for more information. Our security professionals will customize a consolidated audit plan that works for you.

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