Are you a cloud service provider aiming to sell to state and local governments or public institutions? StateRAMP provides SLED (State, Local, and Education) organizations with the assurance that the cloud providers they collaborate with comply with vital cybersecurity StateRAMP standards. This compliance is ensured through independent StateRAMP Third-Party Assessment Organizations (3PAOs) and ongoing monitoring.

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StateRAMP Fundamentals & StateRAMP Fast Track

StateRAMP is a non-profit organization that launched in early 2021 with the goal of providing a standardized approach to cloud cybersecurity authorization for State and Local governments. You might ask, why create another governing body when a proven framework for the federal government like FedRAMP exists? We get it, it can seem like too much to manage. Before we jump to conclusions, let’s dive into the StateRAMP program to see if cloud service providers (CSP) should be paying attention to StateRAMP for future.

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    Planning is Essential

    The cost for undergoing StateRAMP is similar to that of FedRAMP – it’s a substantial investment. If a cloud service provider accelerates the push to get authorized without the right preliminary understanding, it could prove to be very costly. We always recommend a Gap Assessment prior to undergoing any authorization to identify the major items that could hinder your success.

    All 3PAOs Are Not the Same

    The FedRAMP marketplace annotates how many assessments a 3PAO has successfully performed. This translates to the StateRAMP 3PAO marketplace as the assessment rigor is similar. Ensure you are working with a StateRAMP 3PAO that has the proven experience conducting complex cloud security assessments. Check the organization, talk with the actual assessment team, understand their methodology, and make sure you know what services are truly being offered.

    Establish a ConMon Strategy Early

    The key to maintaining a StateRAMP authorization is to have a robust continuous monitoring process. This strategy includes maintaining the proper staffing levels, ensuring vulnerability scanning is being performed comprehensively, and remediating findings within the respective time constraints. Working with a StateRAMP partner earlier in the process can yield better results in terms of meeting the requirements upfront and in the long run.

    Ensure Key Control Areas Are Implemented

    While there is an extensive set of security requirements to achieve a StateRAMP authorization, there are key control areas (people, process, and technology) that should be closely analyzed starting with the boundary validation and data flow extending into key system control areas that are identified in the StateRAMP Readiness Assessment. Make sure that a gap assessment is done to walk through these implementations in detail so your 3PAO clearly understands how your system/organization complies with the requirements.

    Why is StateRamp important?

    StateRAMP provides assurance to SLED (State, Local and Education) procurement and security officials that their contractors have the processes and capabilities necessary to meet SLED government policy requirements. StateRAMP has been gaining traction across the country in terms of CSPs leveraging the program. If you’re curious who’s leveraging the program, see the participating governments for more details.

    Why should my organization care?

    By achieving StateRAMP authorization, companies enhance their credibility and gain access to SLED contracts and customers who prioritize data security. With the growing number of StateRAMP participating governments, this authorization can provide security as a differentiator in your cloud service offering. Embracing StateRAMP underscores a commitment to robust cybersecurity practices, safeguarding sensitive data and fostering trust among stakeholders.