XRAMP – Security Assessments Evolved

Point in time security assessments have been around a long time. Do they provide the level of assurance that business, downstream customers, and the government expects? Is it enough in the digital world that is constantly evolving? The concept of continuous assurance isn’t new, but limited progress has been made in terms of the way we manage risk. This traditional assessment model will not change overnight, but there absolutely has to be a better to way improve it.

StateRAMP Fundamentals & StateRAMP Fast Track

StateRAMP is a non-profit organization that launched in early 2021 with the goal of providing a standardized approach to cloud cybersecurity authorization for State and Local governments. You might ask, why create another governing body when a proven framework for the federal government like FedRAMP exists? We get it, each industry and governing body needs to be a special snowflake. Before we jump to conclusions, let’s dive into the StateRAMP program to see if cloud service providers (CSP) should be paying attention for future business opportunity.


Starting Your Journey With The FedRAMP RAR Assessment

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