Simplifying Cybersecurity Complexities

We look to simplify cloud and cybersecurity complexities for our customers. 

Introducing XRAMP

Continuous Assurance Evolved

Point in time security assessments have been around a long time. Do they provide the level of assurance that business, downstream customers, and the governing bodies expect? The concept of continuous assurance isn’t new, but limited progress has been made in terms of the way we manage risk.

Today, we’re happy to announce that we have launched a continuous testing framework, XRAMP, that is acutely on the FedRAMP authorization process (as a starting point) to normalize the way we conduct audits for cloud service providers.

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Industry Roadmap: US Public Sector

Your cybersecurity planning guide for pursuing US Public Sector business

Commercial cloud service providers (CSP) and System Integrators (SI) looking to conduct business with US Public Sector face a plethora of regulatory/cyber challenges. This is a strategic process for any organization to undertake in identifying the best path forward, the necessary steps, security and resource assignments to meet those requirements. We’ll describe what that process looks like overarching and give a foundational overview, for your US Public Sector cloud business pursuits.

Contact us to discuss your cyber and cloud business needs. We’re happy to share our insights and work with you as your business evolves.

    FedRAMP Marketplace Search

    Looking for FedRAMP accredited cloud offerings but can’t determine functional cloud capabilities on the FedRAMP marketplace?  We cross-walked the marketplace and made it easy to search for FedRAMP approved functionality – give it a try… Search CSP Name, status or functionality – like XDR, IAM, MDM, BPM, email security