Penetration Testing

Organizational risk – how do you know if you’re really protected to minimize cyber risk and business impact from a cyber incident? Are the foundational cyber hygiene elements in place to ensure best value for penetration testing services?

Lets not leave your cyber risk assurance to chance? Your organizational brand and customer trust depend on it. Whether its compliance based or offensive security penetration testing – we’ll craft a roadmap that ensures best value to your organization.

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    Business Considerations

    Organizational Maturity

    Should an organization have penetration testing conducted if you’re lacking the basic cybersecurity fundamentals? Make sure that a security program maturity model is developed or leveraged to ensure best value for your security dollars. Many organizations overlook the foundational elements and chase the latest tools and technologies. Fundamentals first, then validate.

    Organizational Trust and Brand

    Your brand – customer trust – its invaluable. Customer trust can be taken away in a minute that took years to build. What assurance levels do you have that your security protections and overall investments are working as intended? Penetration testing helps validate your organization’s commitment to protecting customer data, security best practices, and meeting regulatory responsibilities.

    Reduce Downtime Costs and Remediation Time

    Organizational fire drills to address potential customer downtime and remediations after a security breach will take much longer than expected to remediate and are very costly. Identifying and addressing findings during a penetration testing engagement can assist fixing the issues much quicker and will ultimately minimize business impact.

    Continuous Assurance

    Many businesses make a considerable cybersecurity investment into people, process and technology but fail to measure effectiveness. Hiring an independent organization to assess the internal/external threats over time is a critical element in measuring overall risk. Ensure that your organization is evaluating risk on a frequent basis – both announced and unannounced.

    Why is Penetration Testing important?

    A penetration test involves a team of security professionals who actively attempt to break into your company’s network by exploiting weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your systems. Understanding your attack surface vulnerabilities and how well your respective defenses work when deployed are critical for understanding your organizational risk posture. Gaining visibility into your detection and response capabilities has value in preventing or minimizing impact.

    It’s important to note – not all organizations should jump right to penetration and advanced adversary emulation if the foundational cyber hygiene is not in place. Foundational security measures are key – make sure those are in place prior to obtaining more advanced risk management services.

    Why should my organization care?

    The process of recovering from a security compromise can cost your business thousands or even millions of dollars including expenditures on customer protection programs, regulatory fines, and loss of business operability.   You have spent years building brand reputation and trust and it can vanish overnight.  Organizations need to build a robust security program but also have assurances that your detection and controls are operating as intended.